© 2021 Charles Bardes


Charles Bardes is a writer and physician who teaches 
and practices internal medicine.  

His Diary of Our Fatal Illness (2017) is a book-length 
poem-in-prose that narrates the illness and death of 
an elderly man, as told by his son.  

Pale Faces: The Masks of Anemia (2008) is an extended 
lyric essay that treats the cultural, mythological and 
biological ramifications of a common disease construct.  

Other poems, essays and ruminations have appeared in 
Agni, Raritan, Ploughshares, Birmingham Poetry Review, 
Literary Imagination, Great River Review, The New England 
Journal of Medicine, and other publications both literary and medical.

He has been awarded the Bernard de Voto Fellowship in Nonfiction 
at the Bread Loaf Writer’s Conference (2009) and the 
New Georgia Literary Arts Achievement Award (2018), 
the latter resulting in residencies at Newnan Art Rez and Air Serenbe.

He serves as professor of clinical medicine and associate dean at 
Weill Cornell Medical College, and lives with his wife, the visual artist 
Barbara Kilpatrick, in New York City and Ghent, New York.

Contact: clbardes@gmail.com